The Maryland Association of Soil Conservation Districts (MASCD) serves as the voice for Maryland's 24 soil and water conservation districts on state legislative issues. It also provides a forum for training, policy-making and the exchange of information at their annual  and quarterly gatherings.

MASCD Mission is to: promote practical and effective soil, water, and related natural resources programs to all citizens through individual conservation districts on a voluntary basis through leadership, education, cooperation and local direction. 

February 2018

Soil Health Grant Awarded to MASCD

Working with the Harry R. Hughes Center for Agro-Ecology, Lindsay Thompson plans to demonstrate an economic benefit of planting multispecies cover crops.

The Harry R. Hughes Center for Agro-Ecology will provide nearly $159,000 in grant funding for two separate proposals that aim to understand different aspects of soil health in Maryland and on the Eastern Shore.

This study, performed jointly by the University of Maryland, George Washington University, the University of Delaware and Resources for the Future, deals with a phenomenon called saltwater intrusion, or when saltwater from the Bay or ocean moves into groundwater.

As saltwater infiltrates the groundwater, it can change the chemistry of the soil, which can have devastating results for forests and farmland.

The research aims to determine the extent of saltwater intrusion in the study area and its effect on soil health, and the role it plays in washing away nutrients built up in the soil, which ultimately affects Chesapeake Bay water quality. The study will also look at how to ameliorate the resulting stress on crops. Full story

New Riparian Buffer Resource

Forest buffers are one of the most cost-effective practices for reducing pollution. But what other benefits can they bring the Chesapeake Bay? A new resource is now available for Districts and other partners in the Chesapeake region that work to restore riparian buffers. Click details for more. 

2018 Soil Planners Now Available

The new 2018 Soils Planner is now available online at the NRCS Soils website. To view, click here.

You will also find all Soils Planners published since 1999, providing a valuable educational resource. Past Soils Planners have covered a wide range of topics including: soil biology, State soils, hydric soils, Lewis and Clark Bicentennial (Soil Paintings), International Year of Soils, and many others.

"The Science of Soil Health: Going Deeper"

Scientest Dr. Ray Weil, author of the 15th edition of The Nature and Properties of Soils, discusses nutrient and water-holding capacity below the 8-10 inches of soil.


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