The Maryland Association of Soil Conservation Districts (MASCD) is a non-profit, educational and charitable association organized on March 29, 1945. The initial name was the Maryland Association of Soil Conservation District Supervisors. On July 26, 1952 "Supervisors" was deleted from the name to form the MASCD.

The Association was incorporated in 1956 as the Maryland Association Of Soil Conservation Districts, Inc. The Articles of Incorporation carry the names of the original directors. The only changes in the Articles of Incorporation were made in 1969 when wording was added to make the Association eligible for tax exempt status. In 1969, the Association became tax exempt under Section 501 (C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954. Contributions to the association are tax exempt.

At the time of incorporation, the "Articles of Association" became the Bylaws of the Association under the Articles of Incorporation. Operating Rules supplemental to the Bylaws, have also been adopted.

As provided in the Articles of Incorporation the association was organized to exchange information relating to the administration and operation of soil conservation districts in the State of Maryland; to effect cooperation between such districts; to coordinate the programs of the districts; to disseminate information throughout the state concerning the activities and programs of the soil conservation districts; to cooperate with the State Soil Conservation Committee and other agencies assisting soil conservation districts; to promote the interests and activities of civic and other organizations in soil conservation, drainage, and erosion control; and otherwise to aid in the prevention and control of soil erosion and the conservation of soil, water, forests and wildlife.

Membership is composed of all Maryland Soil Conservation District Supervisors. The Association represents the 24 soil conservation districts and operates through a board of directors comprised of the chairpersonof each of the soil conservation districts organized in Maryland. The directors meet four times a year or as needed to transact the business of the Association. The Association and the districts are members of the National Association of Conservation Districts.


Promote practical and effective soil, water, and related natural resources programs to all citizens through individual conservation districts on a voluntary basis through leadership, education, cooperation, and local direction


MASCD will be recognized and respected as the leading organization, independent, and capable of providing the best information for natural resource management.

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