The Wicomico Soil Conservation District serves both an agricultural and urban region on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Poultry, grain and vegetable operations comprise the agricultural makeup of the area. Providing farmers with technical and financial assistance to install best management practices (BMPs) to protect the environment is a main focus of the district’s technical staff. The Pocomoke, Wicomico and Nanticoke Rivers—all tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay—are part of a tributary cleanup program designed to reduce nutrients entering the Bay. Additionally, the Upper Pocomoke Watershed has been designated as a special water quality project targeted for technical assistance.

Although agriculture remains the primary land use within the district, a growing urban and industrial center continues to flourish in the Salisbury area. Consequently, the district now devotes a substantial amount of time and resources reviewing erosion and sediment control plans. Providing educators, students and the general public with information on soils, wetlands, land use policies and other educational services is a major function of the district’s staff.


For all PIA inquiries, please contact:

Kevin Keenan, District Manager
Wicomico Soil Conservation District
2322 B. Goddard Parkway, Salisbury, MD 21801

Phone 410-546-4777 x 3, Fax 410-860-9819
Kevin Keenan@maryland.gov


Soil Conservation and Water Quality Plans (SCWQPs)

Developed/updated 109 SCWQPs to help farmers protect natural resources on 6,510 acres of farmland. Currently, there are 41,669 planned acres in the county.

Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Helped farmers install 19 BMPs to control soil erosion, manage nutrients and protect water quality.

Erosion and Sediment Control

Reviewed and approved 87 erosion and sediment control plans for construction projects on 220 acres.

Cover Crops

Provided technical assistance to 84 farmers who planted 23,765 acres of cover crops during the fall.